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Ballucci's Story

We are a team of creators, connoisseurs and purveyors, set on a mission to make the purest forms of self expression available and accessible to all. The clothes you wear define your personality, sculpt your personal style and mark your uniqueness. We value each cloth as pieces of art embodied in yarns and threads, and our team is on the constant hunt to find the latest and the best in street fashion circuits.

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The Company

With a strong sense of community and a moral responsibility,our brand was born. Our passion for the environment and uniquedesign brought our vision, and products, to life.

est. 2019

Our aim is to make fashion accessible to one and all. We scan the horizons, cross the oceans and toil the lands to find the purest designs, untold stories and unknown artists. We free art from the shackles of economy, we disrupt, we rebel, we bring the essence of the obscure high fashion enigma to your doorsteps.

We are not another cog in the machinery of fast fashion. Thrift is our cornerstone. Our team thinks like you, lives like you and shop like you. We are not a team of designers, but a team of disrupters, set out to eradicate economic barriers in the fashion industry. We don’t churn out obscure designs in overpriced tags. We are connoisseurs who find the best designs at the best deals for you.

We are gypsies. We curate cultures. Our collections are unique, each being sold only once. We are always on the move, eager to deliver to you, the latest we pick up on our explorations. Our designs are hand selected, each design and product uniquely studied, studiously pursued, carefully packed and delivered with utmost care. In an industry that has no geographical boundaries, we make sure you explore every nook and corner. Find the joy of discovery with us. Our caravans are always filled with surprises.
Born and bloomed in the inner circuits of Bengaluru, the ever evolving medley of indian street culture, we have our hands on the pulse of the emerging generation. We know what moves you, what inspires you, we know the less travelled pathways and alleys of life, we perceive the realities of our third world, we understand you.

Our team, descending from a line of free thinkers, movers and shakers, we are born on the streets. We define the next.


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